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What do they think of us?
  • "Ecomón believes in synergies, that's why Nítida is our partner in the field of professional detergents. They know that only together can we offer the best service and probably the best product."

    Antoni Reinés
    Antoni Reinés Managing Director - Ecomón
  • "We've been working with Nítida for nearly 20 years because the quality of their products means we can stand out from our competitors and it helps us to provide our customers with the best."

    Javier Julbes
    Javier Julbes Director General of Quindesur
  • "Values, put into practice, are the basis of the great commercial relationship between us.... There's no better way of proving something than by setting an example. Nítida is a company that has always provided all the tools we need to defend the brand value that is now responsible for our market position. "

    Cristina Gracia
    Cristina Gracia Communication Manager and RRHH - Higiesmur
  • "As distributors, Nítida makes us feel we're part of the company, that's why we are so supportive of both the brand and the company philosophy. Nítida has a portfolio of products that inspire confidence and make their mark. They also provide new business ideas and respond to our customers' needs, which makes us a more professional, competitive company able to adapt to the future."

    Pablo García
    Pablo García Sales Executive - Mongar