Quattro+ is a system that combines ultra-concentrated products and the latest technology for mid-capacity and high-capacity commercial cycle dishwashers. The unique patented design fits in any space, combining a fast and easy installation with worry-free, optimal performance.


  • INSTANT SET-UP: Fast and easy to install, fully compatible with any machine and configurable with a single parameter.
  • PRECISE COSTS: Precise and error-free dosage for every situation, resulting in minimal consumption.
  • EFFECTIVE USE: A single detergent cartridge washes up to 2,500 racks of dishes, glassware and silverware.
  • ZERO WASTE: The smart dosage system sends a notification and makes the most of every last drop.
  • LESS INVENTORY: The use of ultra-concentrated products eliminates unnecessary inventory and lowers logistics costs by up to 75%.


  • ZERO CONTACT: The user is never in direct contact with the product.
  • ERROR-FREE: The proactive system uses RFID technology to prevent product connection errors/confusion.
  • GUARANTEED OPERATION: The reserve tank ensures the machine can continue operating whilst the cartridge is replaced.
  • CLEAN AND TIDY: No containers on the floor, and no hoses or connections hanging in the air.
  • BARRIER-FREE: No text displays. Self-explanatory illuminated pictographs provide system status information at all times. The status bar can be installed anywhere and features a wireless data display if necessary.
  • 365 WORRY-FREE DAYS: Proactive maintenance notifies in real time via the app, anticipating any need or issue by monitoring information about the system’s status in advance.


  • 2.5-L CARTRIDGE FORMAT: Easy to transport, connect and use. Less weight, less effort and more space in the warehouse.
  • SIMPLE: A single detergent for cleaning dishes, glassware and silverware.
  • ERGONOMICALLY FLEXIBLE: Suitable for any location: the wall, the floor or in a cabinet. Nearby or up to 6 m away.
  • FOR COMMERCIAL CYCLE DISHWASHERS: The best cleaning technology is now available for mid-capacity and high-capacity commercial cycle dishwashers.
  • EASY TO USE: The proactive system notifies the user in real time of anomalies.


  • LESS WASTE: Reduces waste by up to 95%.
  • MORE PROTECTION: Based on the Green Efficiency concept, the Quattro+ system guarantees the product’s effectiveness whilst protecting the environment and the health of users.
  • No NTA, EDTA or phosphates. Ecolabel certificate.

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