A revolution in automatic washing



KLINBAG is a system of powerful ultra-concentrated products especially designed for automatic tableware and glassware washing, developed for small and medium capacity machines.
Its innovative design in bag format is suitable for the smallest and tightest of spaces.
It does not need expensive installation work to set it up and it optimises the performance of smaller installations.

Savings and efficiency

  • Your stock will take up much less space and your logistics costs will be reduced by up to 75%.
  • Use down to the last drop of product
  • You consume the minimum, essential amount due to the dosing system and the product concentration.
  • Easy to install system with practically no cost.


  • 3.5 litre bag format (easy to transport, connect and use)
  • For small spaces
  • For small and medium sized machines
  • 3 ways to fit (you can choose the one that best suits your situation)

Environmentally responsible

  • 95% less waste
  • The Klinbag system, based on the Green Efficiency concept, guarantees product effectiveness whilst also protecting the environment and users' health.


  • Very easy to use, no confusions
  • Order and safety in cleaning processes
  • Complete safety for staff

Method and processes



The first step is to look at all the small areas where space can be saved, like bars or small kitchens, as well as to study your normal consumption.



Installing Klinbag is very easy. Choose the dispenser that best suits your needs and out technical team will set it up for you.
Choose how to fit it: on the wall, over the dishwasher or with a floor bracket. Connect it with a single click and you're ready to go!



Once it is up and running, we make regular visits, applying preventive measures and monitoring consumption to achieve maximum efficiency.

Dispensers for the Klinbag system

To set up the Klinbag system, we have a series of dispensers to suit every product and every requirement.

Plus, Klinbag has 3 fixing systems so you can choose which one is best for the size of your business. The Klinbag has holes so it can be attached to the chosen fixing method, plus a connector to administer the product dose directly to the dishwasher.

The system design means the bag can be changed quickly and conveniently by the user. Just like that!

Servicio Técnico


The high level of specialisation of Nítida’s Technical Assistance Service enables us to offer much more than excellent products. The relationship with our customers and our commitment are both part of our all-round service.
Functions of our TAS:

  • Full system installation
  • Training on the method used
  • Accurate equipment programming
  • Installation monitoring
  • Resolving queries

All the information you need

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