What do we do for you?

The scope of the services provided by NÍTIDA CLEANING AND HEALTH S.A., goes far beyond merely offering products and systems for everyday cleaning and hygiene.


We have an experienced team ready to advise and help you every step of the way in how to obtain the best possible performance from our products and systems.


Training is an essential tool for the personal and professional development of our team. We extend this spirit of self-improvement to our customers, supplying them with programmes taught either in our own Training Room or at their on-site facilities.

Specific training on the features and use of products, systems and working tools.

Sales pitches and commercial advertising for distributors.

Assembly and calibration of dosing systems.

User training in compliance with HACCP principles.

Hygiene Plan Management

As part of the training delivered, we provide you with an online hygiene plans platform so you can put in place strict, effective and procedure based handling of cleaning and disinfection tasks in all the public and private areas where food is processed.

This platform has been developed in compliance with HACCP principles.

TAS (Technical Assistance Service)

Our specialist TAS team install dosing systems, carry out regular checks at your facility and visit whenever you need them, issuing technical reports that remain at your disposition.

CCS (Customer Care Service)

We want you to always feel that our customer care staff care about you and will help you resolve any issues regarding product information, order requests, complaints, suggestions and technical consultations. It’s our pleasure to help you.

Nítida keeps moving so you don’t stand still