Care, safety, the environment, cost-effectiveness… All combined to get the best result.
Get these benefits with Optima System, our revolutionary professional laundry system with completely innovative products that will make your work so much easier.

Services for professional laundries

What do you get with Nítida?

We help you achieve your goals, whatever size and volume your facilities are and whoever your end users may be. To do this, we have products and processes for all kinds of professional laundries:

Industrial laundries

Large facilities, specific programmes and extensive consumption control.

OPL laundries (hotels, care homes, catering, clinics)

Wider variety of programmes, maximum protection for fabrics and process optimisation.

Self-service laundries

Exact products, cost-effective, with optimum results.

Savings and effectiveness across all stages of the washing process: costs, phases, times, etc.

Reduction in costs for your laundry with the combination of low temperature processes and highly concentrated products.

Complete control with data reporting on each wash using software and individualised cost analysis.

Proven sterility even in the most complex cases.

Maximum hygienising and microbiological quality

Easy and safe to use

Soft, stain-free linens

Fabric care to prolong the life of your items.

Softer results thanks to the development of enzymatic technology, designed especially for sensitive skin.

Environmentally responsible thanks to our nature-friendly products.

Advice and technical assistance during the entire process.

30 to 35% reduction in total consumption

Saving on water and energy consumption

Shorter washing phases and time savings of up to 17%

Items last up to twice as long

Environmentally friendly products

Excellent protection for textiles and machinery

Our working system


  • Llácer y Navarro
    Llácer y Navarro Head of Purchasing Department - Llácer y Navarro

    "We have been trusting Nítida to clean our trucks for more than 10 years; they really look after you and the service is impeccable. We're very satisfied with the quality of the products, especially the ones that are suitable for food handling, because of our customer profile. "

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