Having a good restaurant doesn’t only depend on the quality of the food and good service; other aspects like cleaning are also crucial. Do you have a banqueting venue, restaurant or catering service? Ensure everything is spotlessly clean both inside your kitchen and in the areas open to the public.


Banqueting venues

Catering services

Professional cleaning for hotels and restaurants

What do you need?

Have you ever wondered if your restaurant is really hygienically clean? Do you comply with cleaning regulations?
Our hygiene systems, products and plans will mean you won’t miss any details and your customers will return to you restaurant time after time.

We obtain impeccable kitchens by applying comprehensive cleaning solutions in all the places where food is handled.

We offer you personalised advice and regular checks to ensure our hotel and restaurant products are being used to their full extent.

We supply textile washing systems to ensure your tables are set with soft, stain-free tablecloths for an excellent standard of presentation.

We have specialised hotel and restaurant cleaning products for washing tableware, glassware and cutlery. We make sure the food you serve is even more appetising.

We create sensations with unique scents from dispensers that blend in with your décor.

Complete hygiene and disinfection, without neglecting other areas in your restaurant, like the entrance and toilets.

Shiny floors everywhere

Reduced costs with
concentrated products

Improved hygiene in
food handling processes

Safety for staff
and customers alike

High standards
of cleaning and disinfection

friendly products



  • Juan Pablo Añón
    Juan Pablo Añón Director of Operations - Hermitage Sport Resorts&Spa

    "The cleanliness of our restaurants is one of the things our guests appreciate the most. A premium grade hotel like ours must always opt for the best hygiene solutions in particularly critical areas such as kitchens, and we can do that with Nítida."

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