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Clinic Fill

Clinic Fill is a complete system of dispensers and small format ultra-concentrated products that conveniently and easily guarantee total cleanliness and maximum protection in kitchens and on all types of surfaces.

The system uses products in 1.5 litre bags, dosed and diluted by mechanical means with specific systems and designed for everyday use in highly demanding work environments. The products are intended for places needing daily cleaning and disinfection that must be rigorous, effective and controlled, like hotels, central kitchens, care homes, institutions, student halls of residence and communities in general.

Reduction in costs

This is possible due to the accuracy of the dose and the high performance of the concentrated product compared to a conventional cleaning product. 1 bag of concentrated chemical product = 75 spray bottles containing 750 ml each.

Minimum environmental impact

The dilution of the chemicals at the point of use considerably reduces transport costs and CO2 emissions compared to delivering large containers of products.

Minimum workplace risks

The use of sealed bags and traceability via colour coding prevents possible spillages and confusions over which product to use. The small, convenient packaging is easier to handle and does not require any extra effort. In addition to this, the dispensers have supports that enable any leakage or accidental drips to be collected easily, preventing spillages.

Minimum storage space

The small volume of each package, together with the product's high performance, means that storage space can be kept to a minimum.

Method and processes



  • We analyse your facilities and how much product you normally use, which places you need to treat and the distance between them. This allows us to offer you the best possible solution and avoid product being wasted, as with Clinic Fill we can tackle all kinds of surfaces and dirt.



  • The installation process is fast and simple. We decide on the most suitable equipment, either dilution or dosing, with the main difference between them being whether you have a water supply near the installation.
  • We also train you so you don't miss anything and are able to make the most of the benefits that come with this system.



  • Once your system is up and running, our Technical Assistance Service team and the sales executive in charge of your systems visit your facilities on a regular basis to check on effectiveness.

Dispensers for the Clinic Fill system

Two ergonomically designed dosing and dilution systems for chemical products for simple, accurate, safe handling. They are activated by simply pressing and turning the dial, and deactivated by pressing again once filling is complete. It couldn’t be easier!




ECOMIX is a manual dosing proportional mixer. When connected to a water supply, it creates a vacuum and dilutes a predetermined proportion of chemical product to obtain a ready to use solution. It dispenses both in low and high volume water flow.

An elegant chemical product dispenser that enables you to select up to 13 specific dilution ratios.



ECOSHOT is a smart, flexible manual dosing system that supplies a specific volume or dose of concentrated chemical product into a container with a spray nozzle, a bucket or a sink, offering a very versatile option.

Servicio Técnico


The relationship with our customers and our commitment are both part of our all-round service. Nítida has a Technical Assistance Service on hand for each part of the process to give you:

        • Full system installation
        • Accurate equipment programming
        • Training on the method used
        • Regular checks on the installation
        • Resolving queries

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