Cleaning and hygiene solutions

What do you need?

From the lobby all the way to the car park, including guest rooms and kitchens. Finding a comprehensive solution for hygiene in your hotel is possible with us. At Nítida we’re experts in hygiene systems for hotels; we analyse your business to come up with tailor-made solutions to suit you.

The best kind of hygiene is the one you don’t notice, but it’s there. Effectiveness, optimisation and safety are key to achieving it. How do we do it?

We design air freshening systems to create different, unforgettable environments.

We have cleaning staff trained by us and supported by our advice at all times.

We monitor every detail in guest rooms to provide you with all-round, perfect hygiene.

We use concentrated hygiene products for hotels to get cleaner rooms with less quantity.

With us, your guests notice freshness, softness and cleanliness when they use your hotel’s sheets and towels.

We strive for shine and perfection in every single table you set in your restaurant.

We provide food safety and effectiveness in kitchens, because what’s important is that your guests enjoy their meal.

Comprehensive hotel
and restaurant cleaning plan

Greater hygiene
and staff safety

Increased perception
of quality for guests

Reduction in your total
business costs with concentrated products

Environmentally friendly products



  • María Siscar
    María Siscar Administration - Hotel Swiss Moraira

    "Thanks to Nítida's products we achieve great profitability and effectiveness in terms of hygiene, while at the same time keeping all areas of our hotel in perfect condition."

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