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Cleaning floors and paving is one of the most important tasks of all, and it’s also one of the jobs most appreciated by customers, as a clean floor shows a company cares about its overall image.

Because of this, Nítida supplies global solutions in the form of distinctive products designed for every phase of the cleaning process and for every type of flooring, whatever its features and size, all with an unrivalled fragrance.

A clean and disinfected shiny floor is always the result of correct maintenance using the best professional cleaning products. Discover ours.

The solutions Nítida offers you for floor cleaning and maintenance are concentrated into three product categories.

Manual and automatic dosing. Specific solutions for achieving the highest standards of appearance, protection and cleanliness for all kinds of flooring, exceeding all your expectations.   

Our Floor product range is divided into three product lines according to the function they are intended for: preparation, treatment or maintenance of any type of flooring.

In the preparation and treatment phases you will find strippers, waxes, polishers and descalers. For maintenance cleaning we supply neutral detergents, degreasers and dust attracting aerosols.

Most of these products may be purchased in a variety of formats and they can be applied either manually, with a dosing system or using a floor cleaning machine.

In summary, all-round products giving complete solutions.
Manual dosing. Single-phase products, detergents and disinfectants with biocide registration suitable for looking after and cleaning floors in different rooms, including areas where there germs may accumulate, such as kitchens and bathrooms. Their in-depth action guarantees excellent results and eliminates bad odours due to their deodorant effect.


Automatic dosage – System. This ultra-concentrated washing-up liquid in a 3.5-L bag is perfect for even the smallest spaces since the dosage system and wall mount can fit anywhere.


An innovative and safe system that allows you to create a top product using ultra-concentrated refills. The world of hygiene goes one step further with KlinCap to make everything easier, safer and more precise. Its practical and convenient design is perfect for any situation. The effective, water-soluble capsules create less waste and are ready for use immediately.
Automatic dosing - System. See the benefits of the high concentration and effectiveness of this innovative range of products in 10 litre cheertainer (bag in box) format, composed of disinfectant detergents and cleaners for floors and surfaces, using the very latest dosing systems. Get a unique shine and results whilst you also protect the environment, save costs with effective dosing and increase users' safety.


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