Our vehicles are often an extension of ourselves. We identify them with the way we are and we associate them with feelings and emotions that inspire us to keep them always in perfect condition.
Whether you are looking for cleaning equipment for your own vehicle or you have a vehicle washing business, we have the right solution for you.

Comprehensive cleaning of vehicles

What do you get with Nítida?

Now you can drive every day enjoying the highest standard of cleanliness of both your vehicle bodywork and its interior. How?

We supply automotive professionals with premium quality concentrated products to keep your vehicle in excellent condition.

We offer cost-effective, satisfactory solutions for your business, making it easier for you to meet the strict standards of cleaning and maintenance demanded by the automotive industry.

We adapt to all kinds of businesses: automatic car washes, self-service jet wash boxes, plus truck, train and aircraft fleets.

We offer solutions cleaning both cars and industrial vehicles.

We cover all your needs with non-aggressive cleaning products for vehicles: bodywork, windows, upholstery, engines, wheels and mats.

Our car cleaning products are formulated with advanced chemical technology that respects materials, the planet and users’ health.

We comply with the physical and chemical parameters of the Biochemical Oxygen Demand (BOD) and the Chemical Oxygen Demand (COD) of waste water.

We advise you on how to use and get the best performance out of the washing or interior cleaning products we supply.

Brilliant effectiveness and value for money

High % of savings with concentrated products.

Teknic TK 60 detergent, a market leader

Products designed using advanced chemical technology

Environmentally friendly products

Complying with BOD and COD parameters


  • Llácer y Navarro
    Llácer y Navarro Head of Purchasing Department - Llácer y Navarro

    "We have been trusting Nítida to clean our trucks for more than 10 years; they really look after you and the service is impeccable. We're very satisfied with the quality of the products, especially the ones that are suitable for food handling, because of our customer profile. "

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