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The TEKNIC name encompasses a new concept of intelligent, pioneering, sustainable products conceived to provide a comprehensive and automated solution to all essential care and maintenance applications.

Really brilliant solutions for washing the interior and exterior of all types of vehicles, trucks, buses, trains, aircraft, etc.

Use our products to obtain a premium quality finish.replica

Manual washing
Manual dosing. If you are cleaning by hand, looking after every detail of your vehicle's appearance, Nítida has the TEKNIC TK10 concentrated shampoo for your everyday activity, enabling you to get impeccable results.
This highly foaming detergent dissolves and eliminates all kinds of grease and dirt from vehicles.
Automatic vehicle wash equipment
Automatic dosing. Automatic vehicle wash equipment means vehicle exteriors can be washed thoroughly in the minimum amount of time.
For this to translate into optimum results with the lowest consumption we must also have technologically advanced products like our specific range for this type of installation, composed of shampoos, active shampoos, waxes and super-polish waxes.
Tuneles de lavado
Self-service jet wash boxes
Automatic dosing. Increase your customers' level of satisfaction and the profitability of your business with our special jet wash detergents, instantly obtaining quality finishes that prevent paint loss, respect materials and maintain original shine.
Boxes autoservicio
Comprehensive washing for trucks and other industrial vehicles
Manual and automatic dosing. The large size of these vehicles and their intensive use has prompted us to stock a wide variety of products to cover every need. The high levels of dirt and grime that accumulate on industrial vehicles can be combated thanks to our powerful detergents and degreasers, including our star product (TEKNIC TK60), used by major haulage companies.
This concentrated and low alkaline detergent has no phosphates and a high surfactant factor, plus a grease and oil emulsifier that does not damage treated surfaces. Perfect for in-depth cleaning and maintenance of the exteriors of industrial vehicles, cars, motorbikes, bicycles, boats, workshop floors, jet wash boxes, awnings and service stations.
Limpieza integral de camiones y otros vehículos industriales
Engine and parts cleaning
Manual and automatic dosing. Explore our range of additives and products with powerful dissolvent and emulsifying action, ideal for cleaning engines, parts, machinery, etc.
Its surfactant power enables the product to penetrate the dirt without damaging rubber and plastic.
Limpieza de motores y piezas
Removal of paraffin and copolymers
Manual and automatic dosing. The application of protective layers on new vehicles to preserve bodywork during transport and storage means that specific products have to be used to remove them before the vehicle is delivered to the end customer. Say goodbye to all traces of paraffin and copolymers with our products manufactured expressly for this purpose.
Eliminación de parafinas-copolímeros
Manual and automatic dosing. With Nítida's products for polishing vehicle interiors, you'll feel as though you're driving a new vehicle every day. With our renovators and polishers you can give that final touch to your dashboard and your rubber and vinyl fittings, achieving the ultimate perfect finish.
General cleaning
Manual dosing. Nítida's range of general cleaning products for cars includes items for thoroughly cleaning from windows all the way through to upholstery and wheel trims. .
Limpieza general
Descaling agents
Manual and automatic dosing. TEKNIC TK80 is a powerful acidic degreasing product that cleans, degreases and deoxidises in one single operation leaving the treated surface unaffected.
It quickly removes stains caused by oxidisation, mineral grease and limescale without scratching surfaces, leaving them clean and shiny.
Hand hygiene
Automatic dosing. In addition to the extensive range of TEKNIC products, we recommend HAND, composed of gels and pastes with and without micro-particles designed exclusively for thorough hand cleaning. These products are for applying directly onto skin and are dermatologically tested, removing all traces of grease and dirt normally accumulated in industrial work.
Higiene de manos

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