Here at Nítida we are aware of the difficulty involved in complying with all the food industry hygiene and health regulations, so we support you and your business by offering all-round solutions for improving hygiene across all food handling processes.
Our goal is to implement all the necessary measures in your facilities to prevent unwanted contamination and to guarantee that food is healthy and harmless.

Hygiene and food safety

What do you get with Nítida?

The combination of our NGP system with specialised cleaning products enables us to supply the following services for cleaning food processing areas:

Studying your needs and coming up with solutions adapted to both in-depth circuit cleaning (CIP) and complete disinfection of surface (OPC).

Consultancy advice on the best solution and product choice using the optimum combination of factors in the Sinner circle: time, temperature, chemicals and mechanical action.

Products specialising in removing biofilms and any other type of infectious microorganism, guaranteeing optimum standards of hygiene and sterility and analysing their compatibility with industry surfaces.

Products that clean and disinfect in a single step, improving your hygiene process times.

Ascertaining the best cleaning cycles for your workplace by carrying out audits on hygiene processes.

Solutions for preventing cross contamination due to incorrect cleaning processes on surfaces and in environments, as well as for preventing contamination arising from inadequate hygiene practice by staff.

We have an internal Hygiene Plan Management (HPM) platform accessible to customers

Training and service in compliance with Hazard Analysis and Critical Control Points (HACCP) standards.

Up to 33% reduction in costs

Efficient, rigorous, effective cleaning and disinfection

Guaranteed food safety

Increased productivity in work methodology

Respect for the environment

Our working system


  • Marta Martínez
    Marta Martínez Administration - Aceites La Canal

    "With the change to Nítida we improved our effectiveness and the satisfaction of our operatives in the cleaning process. The way they treat you is just as good as the quality of their products."

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