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The letters NGP (Nítida Global Process) refer to the comprehensive hygiene consultancy system developed by NÍTIDA for the food industry.

Setting up this system involves supplying a service in several phases, with continuous feedback and promoting the application of corrective parameters every time an inefficiency is detected.

Inefficiencies can be caused by a variety of factors such as:

  • Incorrect practices in cleaning processes
  • Errors in the dosing systems used
  • Adaptations required due to changes in the facility or in manufacturing industry production cycles

Rationalising consumption
Cost savings thanks to our prior study of your needs. You use just the right amount of product. No more, no less.

Perfect hygiene quality
We want to be your partner so you can take care of what really matters: your business.

Products that respect both the environment and the people who handle them.

Complete adaptation
The NGP system adapts to the customer’s manufacturing process and to the nature of their premises, with schedules that take into account parameters such as production seasonality, modifications to facilities or extending facilities.

Processes, equipment and products designed for safe use of chemicals, plus results that guarantee optimum levels of hygiene and sterile conditions.

We implement the best industrial hygiene solution for your food industry in just 9 steps:



We come and find out what your facility is like and the processes you follow in your industry. We look at the materials you use, right through to how you make your products.



We set out our vision in a report to explain the critical points we've observed and the recommendations we're making.



We design the programme to be applied, that is, a step by step description of what we're proposing to do to achieve safer and more complete hygiene.


Fitting and calibrating the systems

Once we have designed what we'll be implementing, our Technical Assistance Service team then installs and calibrates all the equipment we've planned for your facility.


Installing the programs

The program designed is installed and the equipment is ready to start operating.


User and/or technician training

Knowing what is happening with the equipment and why, and being trained to operate the process better, will make your business much more agile and competitive.


Activating the plan

Now is the time to put everything we've been working on into practice. It's time to see results.


Assessing effectiveness

In complex and delicate processes like this, it's essential to monitor and assess how effective they actually are. This will help us to spot anything that might be going wrong.


Corrective measures

Based on our assessment of the process, we will take note of any anomalies and what is causing them. This allows us to implement corrective measures to guarantee optimum operation.

Dosing technology in the NGP system.

Nítida, as a company specialising in the food industry, is aware of the current and future needs of industry in relation to the application of cleaning and disinfection products.

Because of this, our R&D+i department is continually involved in research focusing on the best possible options, producing made to measure designs adapted to suit each customer and including basic product dilution equipment, sophisticated central cleaning systems with satellite units, CIP units, mobile foam generating equipment, etc.

Approved in-house laboratory for microbiological analysis

With Nítida, you will also have a Microbiological Analysis Laboratory so you can:

  • Study the origin and type of possible contaminations in the workplace as a first step before designing a hygiene plan.
  • Compare the effectiveness of cleaning and disinfection processes already up and running.



Technical Assistance Service

Our Technical Assistance Service team is always on hand throughout the process to guarantee:

  • Installation, maintenance, calibration, adjustments and repair of the dosing systems installed.
  • Regular analysis and visits to monitor the effectiveness of the processes implemented.
  • You save time in your daily activity thanks to our training and technical assistance services.
  • Implementation of corrective measures in each case.

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