Schools, nurseries, colleges and universities are all spaces with heavy traffic of people going to and fro, sharing the same facilities for many hours of the day. This, together with the vast range of activities taking place in them, requires adhering to strict protocols to prevent large amounts of dirt and bacteria building up.

Cleaning in education centers

What do you achieve with Nítida?

Cleanliness is a major factor in learning environments. For students to enjoy the education experience to the full, certain aspects that may seem relatively unimportant are actually fundamental, such as correct hygiene throughout the whole building. At Nítida we can help you.

We design cleaning solutions for each and every part of the facility: classrooms, public areas, offices, gyms, changing rooms, etc.

We supply less aggressive and less dangerous products that look after children’s health.

We guarantee food safety and effectiveness in kitchens so your school or college complies with current health legislation.

We ensure completely sterile conditions in public and play areas where children’s activities are held.

We design hygiene plans fully adapted to the needs of your school or college.

Regular checks carried out by our technical professionals guarantee that every area is treated with suitable products and systems.

Specific hygiene solutions for each area

Comprehensive service, training and consultancy proposal

Greater savings with the Nítida method

Clean, disinfected, deodorised spaces

Environmentally friendly products, respecting the planet



  • Llácer y Navarro
    Llácer y Navarro Head of Purchasing Department - Llácer y Navarro

    "We have been trusting Nítida to clean our trucks for more than 10 years; they really look after you and the service is impeccable. We're very satisfied with the quality of the products, especially the ones that are suitable for food handling, because of our customer profile. "

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