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Scent is a magical moment with the gift of staying in your mind for a long time. It’s a specific, eternal memory, which remains over time to remind you of a particular place with special nostalgia.

At NÍTIDA we love imagining and creating all kinds of scents for all kinds of environments. Scents inspired by memories, by glances, by emotions. Perfumes describing the volatile world of sensations with surprising realism and able to recreate a mood, a landscape and even a certain lifestyle.

In our production plants we use cutting-edge technology, following the traditional maceration method to refine fragrances so we can create our own distinctive scented air fresheners. Unique and long-lasting products, designed to prompt sensations in small and large spaces alike. Discover them:

ACTIVA - Deodorant air-fresheners
Manual dosing. Activa is the name of the range of long-lasting deodorant air-fresheners designed to produce very intense and lasting scented effects in any area. The result is a sensation of complete hygiene for periods of 15 to 30 hours, drastically reducing unpleasant odours.

These air-fresheners are essential in sports centres, changing rooms, toilets areas, etc., making them great perfumes for small spaces.
FRAGANZIA - Eau de cologne air-fresheners
Manual dosing. Here at Nítida we are particularly proud of our Fraganzia range. This extensive collection of eau de cologne air-fresheners have delicious, characterful fragrances and are sprayed directly into the air. Air fresheners that awaken a whole world of sensations in users, inspired by very familiar fragrances and backed by major perfume brands.  
This range also includes FRANGANZIA NATURE: eau de cologne style air-fresheners, developed from concentrated natural fragrances based on essential oils with a high sensory performance.
KLEAR - Environmental hygienisers
Automatic dosing. Unique products with hygienising components for use as air-fresheners, designed to generate intense, long-lasting perfumes in large spaces with poor ventilation or with large numbers of people passing through.
They are diffused in small droplets through air conditioning ducts, guaranteeing unlimited freshness in all areas of your facility.
SCENT LINQ - Micro diffusion technology
Automatic dosing - System. From one of the world's leading companies in air freshening and sensory marketing, we offer refills with unique, unrivalled fragrances, in high concentration and in various sizes for Scent Linq micro diffusion scenting systems.
Scent Linq
KLINBOX - Ultra-concentrated neutral air-freshener
Automatic dosing - System. Ultra-concentrated neutralising air-freshener in a convenient 10 litre cheertainer (bag in box) container, dosed in bottles for use and specially designed to eliminate bad odours and provide maximum freshness in hotel rooms. The gradual and constant evaporation of its fragrant woody-floral elements means its freshening effect lasts for a long time.

Environments are part of Nítida’s essence, so most of our products, no matter which sector they are for, incorporate unique scented essences that indicate the highest standard of cleanliness.


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